Record Charity Outcome For The Misfits


Congratulations legendary Misfits, you’ve made it!

Last Sunday, 26th of  October was held the 11th Murphy’s Misfits Charity Touch Rugby Tournament. Many were probably scared by the Saturday snow and bad weather (no Kudos for them!) and didn’t show up on the tournament, but despite the low number of players we managed to collect a record amount of funds for the charity cause.

But first things first – let’s start from the beginning. It was a perfect day for rugby: no snow, mud or water on the pitch, no chilly wind, lots of sun. We had sandwiches, tea, glue wine, all kinds of non alcoholic beverages and of course BEER to back us up. We had smiles and warm hearts to welcome our guests. 15 kids form the “Olga Skobeleva” orphanage in Plovdid, came with their tutors and Director to join us. So the rugby was set to begin.

We had 20 players who joined forces with the kids to form five teams. Black captained by Asya Parvanova, Green captained by Matthew Carr, Blue captained by Stefan Hranov, Red captained by Vesso Stoyanov and Yellow captained by Ivats Boyadjiev. In a league format competition the Yellow team came first with 12 points in the end, but like always all participants were true winners. We all had a really good fun and most importantly our guests experienced rugby for first time and truly enjoyed our great sport. In that line of thoughts – the kids were amazing! They took the challenge of the odd shaped ball courageously and played their hearts out.

At the very end we counted 1065 lv from the donation box! This is 50 lv more than our last years record! All the money will go for building a third foster house in Plovdiv that will become a home for 15 kids in 2015. The lady director of the orphanage said she took part in many charity events during her long career, but was really impressed by our organization and positive (and shall I say normal and humane) attitude towards her students. We showed once again that Murphy’s Misfits is a unique island of great social rugby culture in the sea of madness around us that is our country.

Thanks to all participants and guests.

Double thanks to all team captains. Triple thanks to Sasho Petrov our referee on the day.

Big thanks to the Murphy’s Misfits committee and all people involved in the organization of the tournament.

Very big thanks to Methodia Heart and Nedelina.

Huge thanks to all the media that covered the event: Radion Tangra Mega Rock, Z-Rock Radio,, and surprisingly BNT. Also huge thanks to the photographer on the pitch Dimitar Mahnev.

Tremendous thanks to all our sponsors and the people that donated in the box. Special mention again for: Bulgaria Mall, J.J. Murphy’s Irish Pub, BHP International, DD Research and Public Relations, “La Cave” Wine Store.

Cheers guys! You can be proud of yourselves. Really. Rugby is the Source!


BNT coverage here (27:20)