Hi, guys!

We will start our international games season not with one, but with two games in the same day. We will have a little 3-way tournament with two English teams - Raccal Decca RFC and Old Brentwood RFU this Saturday. Both clubs are from around London and according to our intel play really solid rugby.

But have no fear Misfits – we are planning to play each game with 25 mins halves. So 4×25 it will be. Also, we expect reinforcements from our friends Sofia Barbarians, as well as other Bulgarian teams (check http://murphysmisfits.org/misfits-game-plan-2014/).

The game will take place at “Belitsa” Stadium in Kostinbrod (here is a map). There will be a plenty of guys going by cars, so if you need a lift just ask around facebook.

We demand if you are planning to play to attend the field no later than 13:00h. The games kick off at 14:00h. To join you`ll need a Myrphy’s Misfits membership or special invitation. To watch and drink beers you`ll just need to take your *ghhrmm* down to the field. After the tournament we will head right to our pub JJ Murphy’s for the fun part.

Don`t forget you can (and actually should) join our guests for a pre-game beer at JJ`s Friday night.


Rugby is the Source!



Misfits Game Plan 2014

Hello, Misfits and Friends! Please read carefully and share the following post as it contains important information about our game plan for 2014.


26.04.2014 - tournament with the Racal Decca RFC and Old Brentwood RFU (both from London, England)

03.05.2014 - vs. Gosford All Blacks RFC (Oxford, England)

17.05.2014 - vs. Aberdeen Wanderers RFC (Scotland)

21.06.2014 - vs. Llantrisant RFC (Wales)

As you can see we will have a real rugby galore this spring! Five international games for two months. There is no Bulgarian team that can match Murphy’s Misfits exclusive program. Get your rugby bag ready - it`s time to play some rugby!


We all know we are struggling to bring players to our games recently. So we need an innovative solution to this problem. The idea is simple. We will become an invitational team for our official games. Just like the famous Barbarians RFC!

What does that mean?

Until now everybody was allowed to play in our games if he pays the respective fee. 10 lv for members, 20 lv for non-members. Now we want to try and assemble an elite team consisting of Misfits and Bulgarian Rugby League players. We will send some special invitations to the coaches and the captains of the Bulgarian teams. Each invitation will give the right to its owner to join our game and post-game activities for free, following the Misfits code, of course.

Murphy’s Misfits members that paid their membership will be guaranteed place in the team. As always the price of the membership is 40 lv. This year if you become a member you can get at least 4 international games. Not bad, huh?

Let`s summarize. Basically, to play in our games this season you will need:

- membership

- invitation

It`s that simple! For any questions you can drop a comment below or reach any member of the committee (Stefan, Simon, Pavel, Kaloyan, Ivo, Mishu, Olivier etc).

Expect more info for each game anytime soon on our website and Facebook.



Brothers and sisters,

as you all know our last charity touch tournament was in support the Association of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome in Bulgaria. Their noble mission then was collecting enough funds so they can buy the license, translate and publish a one-of-a-kind manual on raising a down child.

Last week the Association had an official premiere of the manual! The book is now a fact (check the picture above)!

Great friend, proud misfit and member of the committee Mihail Minchev was present on the celebration to take the honors. Association of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome are extremely thankful for our support. They presented us a special mention diploma which is already present at Misfits Corner in JJ`s. They also expressed their gratitude on the pages of the book and gave us a copy.

We as a team can be really happy and proud with the result achieved – with no doubts the best and most successful touch tournament we had so far. This is an immense and priceless contribution for many people in need.

Once again a very big THANK YOU to all people involved. Let`s hope we can make a difference once again in the future.