Yantra Gabrovo Old Boys – Murphy’s Misfits November 2015


Digo, digo Misfits!

Just a week ago we went to Gabrovo to play rugby and have fun… and oh boy… we did both.  Didn’t we?

We had a great game with Yantra Gabrovo Old Boys, which we unfortunately but not surprisingly lost with 45 : 17. Despite the loss it was a very positive game for the current group of players and we lay the foundation of a very promising XV for next year.  Seven players made their debut for the Misfits and one of them even scored a try! Cheers Blake Gee we bet the beer from the booth tasted really fine. Nothing nasty to report except our favorite Gabrovian Pencho had a fun quarrel with his own teammates, resulting in a red card and Ranulf got six stitches on his head after a close encounter with the ground.

You can read Kaloyan & Stefan’s analysis for more details – link for the analysis.

The third half was organized astonishingly well by our hosts in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant where we had  lots of beers, home made rakia and singing. Yep,  “Digo, digo” included. We can sadly report that the rumors of our favorite Gabrovo bar “The Black Hole” being closed are true. However by the will of the gods of Rugby and Drinking we were able to find a really nice piano bar with live music where we had a lots of drinks and dancing… until… well… nobody really remembers when we left.

In short – it was a vintage Gabrovo tour!

Here are some nice pictures: