Murphy’s Misfits AGM 2016 Announcement


Ladies and gentle… rugby players,

the Misfits family will have its Annual General Meeting 2016 on 30th of January, Saturday.

This year, as always, the most important social event for the club will follow a well known and established program with: drinking beers, president and secretary presentations, raffle and auction with rugby and other goods, more beers, awards ceremony, kangaroo court, important discussions on hot topics regarding the club, countless liters of random alcohol and even more!

The event will take place at our clubhouse J.J. Murphy’s and the start is set for 19:00h.

There will be an entry fee of 20 lv. per person. Food and beers included. If you want to take advantage of our super promotion which gives you entry fee to the AGM + Annual Membership you will have to pay 50 lv. Please, keep in mind the Annual Membership price for 2016 is set to 50lv. alone.

Why buying a membership? Top reasons:

  • you are making the existence of your favorite social rugby club possible
  • you get discount prizes for all Murphy’s Misfits merchandise
  • access to all club games and events
  • a lot of free beers throughout the year

Put your prom costume and don’t forget to bring your better halves! Brace yourselves for a lot of heavy drinking and let’s make this a night to remember! We are sure it’s gonna be vintage!



Murphy’s Misfits AGM 2016

20 lv. entry fee

50 lv. entry fee + Annual Membership super promotion



JJ Murphy’s Irish Pub



30th of January 2016, Saturday