AGM 2015 Recap – part I

Hey guys, cheers for the amazing AGM we had last Saturday! Let’s recap!


2014 in review

At the beginning of 2014 we had some… problems. Just look at the schedule – 6 games and 5 foreign teams coming in the first half of the year! And not counting the social events! Let’s be honest – we didn’t had enough players back then. We don’t even have enough players now. And what’s worse is we don’t even have a pitch of our own! But… we are all rugby players… and we started 2014 very motivated and ready to face these challenges. So, we gathered the committee we talked and we had a few beers and we came up with a plan how to revitalize the diminishing misfit powers.

We decided the team will go “invitational” and participation in our games will be granted by: a\ membership, b\ invitation. We thought that we could bring many bulgarian players to our games by providing them the exclusivity and the opportunity to play against a foreign team. We approached all clubs from Sofia, we gave them invitations (for free!) and we welcomed them. Well… we were wrong!

It didn’t work. The bulgarian players showed less to no interest in our games. We still struggled with the numbers and only the support of our brothers the Sofia Barbarians saved us from the shame of providing no opposition to our guests.

You gonna ask where are am exactly going with this? The truth is, Misfits, that our club needs every one of you right now more that ever. Even more than that – this club needs you to spread the word of it’s existence, to tell your friends, colleagues or just other random guys in the pub how fun we are when drinking beers on a pubcrawl, how amazing is our small community, how cool is touch rugby on the Saturdays, how thrilling are our international games and tours. We need your support and we need fresh blood in the club.


Yet… yet guys we did it! Stay with me trough the real review of our 2014! It was unbelievable!  Let’s start!

But first I want to thank everybody that is present! Thank you! Also everybody that is not present but supported the Misfits during the last year! Thank you! And above all I want to thank the Murphy’s Misfits committee – the guys that make everything possible by sacrificing their time and their lives! Thank you!


3rd of March Traditional Game with the Sofia Barbarians RFC

We all know Misfits love the traditions. Why? In our case traditions means beers and rugby. On the 3rd of March we had our Traditional XVs Game respecting the Bulgarian Liberation. It was our 4th year in a row we organize that event with the Sofia Barbarians. The game was held at the Kostinbrod Stadium – no snow this time. It was a great game with many tries and beautiful rugby!


Raccal Decca RFC and Old Brentwood RFU three-way tournament

Frankly, this was my number one rugby day during the year. It was so great! The best! We had not one but two classic English touring teams coming from London. Each played each and we had our only official win during the year on that day! We also lost the other game but who cares. Then we had an unforgettable night at JJ’s with all these english lads. Crazy drinking and stuff… you know… There was only one thing that went wrong on that day. Our fellow Misfit Alexander Petrov got an awful injury. It was a big blow for both the Misfits and the Barbarians…


XVs game against the Gosford All Blacks

Coming just a week after the heavy tournament and at the same weekend the Barbarians were about the face the same team… well it was something we were hardly prepared for. The Misfits were tired, we didn’t had the numbers, it was already becoming really hot… but we faced the All Blacks! The Zebra Boys from Gosford! The team were the infamous Stefan Antonov played during his exile in England. The announcement on their official website says the game was even – 31:31. A draw we celebrated as a win! It was a nice game after all!


XVs game in support of our rugby brother Alexander Petrov

We all felt bad about Sasho’s injury and we all wanted to help him. That’s why we decide to organize a charity game and support him. Many Misfits and many Barbarians came on that rainy day in Chepintzi. We played a good contact game and we collected a fair amount of money. We should mention that the English teams we played the day Sasho got injured also donated a big amount. Money can’t buy you health… but it can surely buy you some beers! That is the spirit of rugby!


Devastating XVs game against the ancient welsh team Llantrisant RFC

Then on 21st of June we had a devastating game. Devastating for us of course. We faced the welsh team Llantrisant RFC, which are a feeding team to the Cardiff Blues and are founded in 1888. We actually played against the Llantrisant RFC second XV, but yet they smashed is really hard on the NSA rugby ground. On that day I personally played against some of the best players I ever met on a rugby field in my life. They were a really nice fellows after all. We had few good beers at JJ’s later.


Murphy’s Misfits vs. Iraklis Thessaloniki

HEARTS OF METAL! BALLS OF STEEL! Yep these greek guys had it all. The Misfits played against a greek team once again since a long break thanks to our new player Plamen Petrov. He invited our neighbours and we had a very entertaining game against them on the Lokomotiv Rugby Field. We lost at the pitch, but hey we won at the pub! It was a great party after and a beginning of a solid new friendship. Anybody for a greek tour this year?


Murphy’s Misfits Charity Touch Rugby Tournament 2014

It was really really difficult and time consuming to pull these game off and it’s a kind of a miracle they happened at all. But still we had one final ace in our sleeves. The Misfits Charity Touch Tournament was still about to happen. On 26th of  October we invited kid from the “Olga Skobeleva” orphanage in Plovdid to join us. Although we had small number of players we managed to organize 5 teams and had a great day of rugby and fun with these amazing kids. When it was time to count the donations – surprise, surprise! It was a record amount of any charity we did before – more than 1065 lv. We gave all the money to the kids to help them build a new home!

Big thanks to everybody that helped us organize the touch tournament and all the events during the year!


by Kaloyan


Expect part II in which we will take a look at the Misfits calendar for 2015 and talk on some important topics involving the club. Also, we will try to remember what happened during the AGM night, who won the prizes and who bailed out too early : )