The Welsh are coming

Brothers, it`s time for our final game before the scorching Summer.

Our guests Llantrisant RFC are coming from Wales in great form. The Llantrisant 2-nd XV won their respective league and they were recently buffed by a motivational speech by Gareth Thomas (!?) -


We are expecting tough and entertaining game. So try your best to be there. Also, the team was founded in 1888. Just sayin…


The clash will take place at NSA rugby pitch on 21st of June, kick-off is set to 18.00h.

All players should be present there at 16:30h.

Third half activities will be held at JJ Murphy`s from 21:00h.

See ya all in Saturday!





After a quite lazy game we had with Gosford All Blacks (31-31 final score!) we continue onward with our exciting season.

Bad news is the Scottish team we were supposed to play our next game with are not coming to Bulgaria this year. The Aberdeen Wanderers RFC postponed their tour for next year, for reasons unknown.

Good news is we are still organizing a game on this date. And not just an ordinary game, but one with a cause.

As you all heard, Alexander Petrov – good friend, Sofia Barbarians RC coach and longtime Murphy’s Misfits RC player suffered an injury in our game against Old Brentwood RFU earlier this season. There is no point to explain how important is Sasho to both clubs and how much we respect him – you all know him very well. So, the Barbarians and the Misfits are planning to have a game in support of Sasho Petrov. We will play good rugby, we will have few beers, we will collect some funds for our friend… but most importantly we will show him our support. “Once a Misfit, always a Brother” we say around here!

The date is 17.05.2014, the time is 13:00 event start - 14:00 kick off, the place is Chepintzi Pitch.

Check the map -

If you don`t have transport ask around Facebook or below in the comments.

Be there!



Gosford All Blacks are next



We lost one, we won one, we had a lot of beers. After some great rugby last Saturday it`s time to continue with our next game.

This time we will host the frightening strong side of Gosford All Blacks RFC from Oxford, England.  The spirits around are high so we are expecting a cracker.

The game will be played at NSA Rugby ground on Saturday 3rd of May. If you are planning to play be there in 10:30h, kick-off is 12:00h. Once more to join you`ll need either a Murphy’s Misfits membership or an invitation.

Our brothers from Sofia Barbarians will play with the same team on 1st of May, so if you are free and feel like playing don`t hesitate to join them.

One more thing. You probably heard that our good friend Alexander Petrov suffered a hard injury last game. We want to inform you that his surgery went very well on Monday and we all expect and wish him to recover fast and well. Cheers, Sasho, you have the Misfits support!






Hi, guys!

We will start our international games season not with one, but with two games in the same day. We will have a little 3-way tournament with two English teams - Raccal Decca RFC and Old Brentwood RFU this Saturday. Both clubs are from around London and according to our intel play really solid rugby.

But have no fear Misfits – we are planning to play each game with 25 mins halves. So 4×25 it will be. Also, we expect reinforcements from our friends Sofia Barbarians, as well as other Bulgarian teams (check http://murphysmisfits.org/misfits-game-plan-2014/).

The game will take place at “Belitsa” Stadium in Kostinbrod (here is a map). There will be a plenty of guys going by cars, so if you need a lift just ask around facebook.

We demand if you are planning to play to attend the field no later than 13:00h. The games kick off at 14:00h. To join you`ll need a Myrphy’s Misfits membership or special invitation. To watch and drink beers you`ll just need to take your *ghhrmm* down to the field. After the tournament we will head right to our pub JJ Murphy’s for the fun part.

Don`t forget you can (and actually should) join our guests for a pre-game beer at JJ`s Friday night.


Rugby is the Source!



Misfits Game Plan 2014