Rugby is the Source


On Saturday May 11th we were invaded by a bunch of mad Englishmen from Buckingham RUFC. It started way before the game with a night at J.J. Murphy’s for pre-game antics and drinking. There were 40 members from Buckingham and they came to shake things up in Sofia and managed to do just that. There were costumes and drinking games and crazy rules and at times nothing at all on. But before I digress here is a selection of images from the day on the pitch as others images are not what we want to remember.

The final of the day was 50-36 as the visiting team made a late game surge to pull ahead in the last ten minutes. There was some good rugby skills demonstrated from both sides throughout the day. Man of the Match for the Misfits was Mirco Nolte who was all over the pitch on both offence and defense displaying fast burst speed with the ball past the opponents and chasing them down with impressive tackles. We also had three newcomers to the Misfits who had there first game with us without any practice. They managed to fit in well despite not knowing any of the other players prior to the day. Matthew Carr, Drakebook Drake and Francis Stewart who also managed to get his first try on this day as well. Thank you gentlemen and hope to see more of you on the pitch. Also we had some of the regulars who were solid as well and captured in the action. Thanks for the support from Sasho and the Barbarians who also played them on Sunday.

The third half was enjoyed at J.J. Murphy’s and and team captain Stefan Doychev did the Misfits proud by beating their speed drinker in a two pint challenge. Then to finish off the games one of our own Misfit’s girlfriend, Yasena, beat their claimed slow drinker by a wide margin. This prompted the other team to give praise to her and claimed that she was “a keeper”. A special Thank You to Branko for all his support at J.J. Murphy’s



It is hard to believe that ten years have past since the humble beginnings of the Murphy’s Misfits Rugby Club. We had a game and celebrations to remember on April 7th 2012. It was a day enjoyed by all and will be remembered for the next 10 years.

The Misfits played against a mixed team of Bulgarian friends aptly named the Bulgarian Dream Team.

The only mishap of the day was when the Doctor needed a Doctor. Luckily it was only his head so there was not too much to worry about.

Our gratitude for all those who played and came to celebrate with us on this momentous occasion. Lets hope the next ten years are filled with as many memories and camaraderie as the first ten years has given to all who have been a part of this club.

A special Thank You to Murray Te Huki who came back from Senegal to celebrate with the club he was instrumental in forming.It was great to see him in Misfits colors again, it was like he never left.

Another early Misfit that played in the game came from the UAE to score her first try with the Misfits, Anna Andreeva. The most graceful try ever scored in rugby.

Thank You also to Rueben Mills who always kept a watchful eye on the play officiating the game.

Also the special birthday cake that was created by Pavel and Olivier that was enjoyed by all that evening. A big Thank You to Branko of J.J.Murphy’s Pub who has been a great supporter of the club from the beginning. Thank You to everyone else that continues to keep this club alive and thriving with the game of rugby and friendship like no other.



Misfits Memories

On the occasion to celebrate 10 Years of Murphy’s Misfits Rugby Club I find myself reminiscing of days and events of the past. The Misfits are a unique mix of players from all over the world who have come and gone and the stable group of Bulgarians who have embraced the mantra that has been built within the club over the years. From the humble beginnings that was questioned if this idea would even work to 10 years of Misfit’s events that have a tradition of not only the game of rugby itself but the sense of family that the club embraces are second to none. I have been fortunate to have had as many experiences with the club as I have, I played my first contact rugby game with the Misfits, I have had fractured ribs,broken ankle and damaged knee but that has not dampened the spirit and feeling that I have for the club and most of all the great friends that I have met through the Misfits. Once a Misfit… Always a Misfit.

I remember my first contact game at what is known as Murrayfield against a team from Pernik on a very cold and rainy day in March being at the bottom of a ruck in the middle of the pitch. There was a big hole(it cannot be described as anything else as it had to be a hole to hold that much water) that I was at the bottom of and thinking that I might drown right there as I had to hold my head up to keep above water. I was on my back and the water was over my chest. Funny thing is I came back after that experience to continue playing.


I remember the many beers shared at J.J.Murphy’s Pub. There was always somebody there to watch rugby with and drink a few too many beers with(Kevin). The events that we have had to share things with family and friends. The other sports that were played besides rugby and of course the Pub crawls. Who could forget those…. or maybe for some… Who can remember?

Please leave your experiences in the comments below. Everyone has their own stories and it would be great to share them all. Thank You.

Andy Lang



Family Bowling Day

We have booked some lanes for a family fun day of Bowling at Fun City Bowling in the Princess Outlet Center this Sunday February 19th. It is in Mladost behind the Hit Supermarket. Lanes are booked from 12:00 for all to enjoy and the club will pay for the bowling games played. There is a lane with rails for the kids to play so they will have fun knocking pins over and not just hitting the gutter like the adults.
Food and drinks are available at your own expense.

Hope to see you there as it is a way to enjoy a sunday with the family out of the house and out of the cold winter.



Murphy’s Misfits are holding their 8th Annual Charity Touch Tournament on November 06, 2011. There will be a full day of fun for everyone to enjoy and participate with room for all to play and support charity. All participants will get a commemorative tournament shirt. There will be some new Misfits Merchandise just in time for Christmas gifts and of course the always appreciated and very tasty BBQ from Andy’s Foods. Come and bring a friend to make this as memorable as past events. There is a facebook page event set up here – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=275115499188363

See you there.

Charity Touch Tournament Promo Video.


The day started off beautifully with sunshine and a great temperature. The kids rugby started again with a good turnout of little ones to enjoy running around and some coordination and ball handling skills. They all seemed to enjoy the games and running in the fresh air with a great view of the mountains on both sides of the city. A great location for a Saturday run around.


Then it was time to get the players outfitted for the game against the visiting team. The Referee(Rueben Mills) for the game did a great job keeping the pace of the game going. Also a big Thank You to Harry who came out early and helped with the marking of the field prior to the game.


It was a great turnout of Misfits for the game with 29 players that all enjoyed some time on the field. It was great to see the mix of players on the field with some new and old experienced Misfits playing together again. There was also a good turnout of supporters enjoying the game and visiting as well. Two players were contributing factors to the Leigh Layabouts team win. Konstantin Dimitrov and Stefan Popov had the enjoyment of being on the plus side of the field with the final score being 22-20 for the Layabouts. It was a full field game with almost everybody having the chance to get their hands on the ball and do some running. The Misfits had a range of players from age 15 to 40+ on the field and several countries represented. The mix of people on the Misfits team is a great thing to see with the game of rugby bringing them all together. The experienced players supporting the younger enthusiastic players to show the way to play the game and be a part of the team.

At least some of the time….. note to rookies… don’t do everything the veterans do. :)


Mark, We have machines to roll the pitch.


Don't high tackle the little guy


Don't low tackle the big guy


Save the hugs for the girls


No ballet with the flowers

The younger players can use their speed (or fear) to run around the opposition.


Or you can run into and over the opponent but always finish the tackle.


This is My Ball


I'll take that.


To the ground.


Protect the ball.




Reach for new heights.


Enjoy the game

Thank You to the Leigh Layabouts for a great game and to everyone who helped out and made the day a success. The third half was enjoyed by all at J.J.Murphy’s Pub, Thanks to Branko for hosting.


Post game April 09,2011

Vassil who had his first try in Rugby also experienced shooting the boot.


Preparing the shot.


Vassil shooting the boot.